Tin Snail Rally 2HP

Tin Snail Rally 2HP

Your own convertible is reserved. In teams of 2 cars you can discover the countryside and all the hidden gems. There you’ll get some questions or playful activities.
Those who achieve the highest score, wins the game and trophy!

We are in this together!

The completely rehabilitated Citroën 2CV ensure a unique experience and projecting nostalgic. The convertible gives you the full opportunity to let you enjoy even more when the weather allows it.

The abbreviation 2HP stands for “two horsepower”. They were manufactured between 1948 and 1990, around 4 Million of them were build.
In France they call it “La Deuche” while in Belgium they call it “een Geit” (a goat), in the Netherlands “Eend” (a duck), in Germany “Ente” (a duck) and in England “Tin Snail”.

All-weather formula.