Comic Book Challenge

Comic Book Challenge

While most people around the world associate comics and cartoons with Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, the Peanuts strip of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, the irrepressible Garfield or Calvin and Hobbes, and superheroes like Batman, Superman and Spiderman, in Europe there is a whole different appreciation of La Bande Dessinée – “the comic strip”.

And the undisputed capital of this far more surreal, absurd, and often political medium, is the city of Brussels.

While everyone knows the most famous Belgian creation, Hergé’s intrepid reporter Tintin, there is a whole universe of weird and wonderful characters waiting to be discovered for those who make a pilgrimage to Brussels – the laconic cowboy Lucky Luke and his dastardly enemies, the Dalton brothers, a strange, bouncing imaginary animal, the Marsupilami, the cheerful Smurfs – known here as “Les Schtroumpfs” – and those “très British” detectives, Blake and Mortimer.

We created for you a true cartoon history who connect a lot of comic book drawings with each other.

Each team will receive a specially created comic book that will guide them towards the different “comic” murals and the must-see locations of Brussels. Spot the differences as a real Tintin and solve the 3 practical tests along the way!

It’s a fun packed adventure to discover all the different characters who gives Brussels more colour!