Bamboo Challenge

Bamboo Challenge

Team-building really taken literally, the story begins with an idea, then there is the plan … and under expert supervision, we will strive towards the creation of an impressive and powerful visual project.

Possible topics can be practical, such as a tent, a car, a houseā€¦
Imposing buildings such as a cathedral, castle or a pyramid.

The Sky is the limit with high structures, such as a church, lighthouse or why not the Eiffel Tower.

Get your inspiration from nature, build a giant egg, a tree a crystal or animal.

Practical ideas: the creation of a logo or letters that together form an inspirational word.
The list of designs created from your own imagination is endless.
All team members are immediately and spontaneously put to work with the various bamboo elements,

The technical knowledge and skills you gain here also encourage the development of your creative and problem solving skills.